intricate hours of blood

and spoiled reveries

and tears hanging on against gravity

and heartbeats barely snoozing off

’tis instant

and ’tis quickly

–you come.

when the dusk meets dawn

and the sun-kissed orange fades to blue

and the stars boast

as winds fall off

oh love, your one word

amongst your many others — of play

yes.. yes.. playful love

ha! ha!

playful, playful..

never had it been easier to go on

easier to see a smile on me

easier to let things off where they would have been

like a madwoman roaming the streets

and a gregory chasing after precious vicodin

or soaking up in a warm bath of chills

and addiction and spoiling and all their sinful ecstasies known and not::

in your arms not here

or your whispers audible to all else

even–your touches unfelt

like a craving

i get my dose

the fix is fixated

but–what else is out there?

no.. except for the feelings

the emotions

the warmth

the oneness

and the individual mutuality

on papers flying

dirt on the floor

my hair falling

over that pretty window

the rain succumbs me–to you..?

and you to me..

like a child..

like a lover

where the grass is cut

where the flowers melt away

where the bees shall sting!

and the critters hum to cicadas on rooftops

or on mountains in the cities

or in my heart

and in yours

where our beats are one

where our oneness is both

ahh.. laughter. for the night is here

and so are you.

you are.

and time has come, and–

to the rest of the world..

i bid goodbye.


Introducing the #IceBucketPH Challenge!

Unless you have been living under a rock (or are Amish) – then you’ve probably been caught up to speed to the trendy ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. While the concept of throwing liters of ice cold water over your head to help make the world a safer, healthier place has had its fair share of criticisms, there isn’t any doubt as to how much money and awareness it has helped raise – particularly in the United States.

So – with or without the help of celebrities – why not use this viral platform to do something in our own country?

Introducing: the #IceBucketPH challenge!


Project Awesome Philippines, in cooperation with When in Manila, is calling the attention of all Pinoy netizens to make this event a success. It will be held on September 7, 2014 at 3:00 PM at the Football Field inside Quezon City Circle. Everybody can join. There is no entrance fee.

A little hindsight: we have been challenged by Qatar for a nationwide ice bucket challenge – and as the fortuitous people that we are,  we WILL answer the call. Together, let us raise awareness about this disease that has been affecting lives for decades all over the world.

To participate, go to this link to register your attendance. Bring your own bucket. Water and ice tubes will be provided for at the event.

Be sure to share the news with family and friends – share this post on social media using the hashtag #IceBucketPH and let us set a new world record and raise awareness about ALS.

Right and Left

Joe: So are you happy, then?

Seligman: Well, I suppose I am. In my own way. Even if I’m the sort of person who cuts the nails of the right hand first.

Joe: What does that mean?

Seligman: Well, I divide humanity into two groups – the people who cut the nails of their left hand first and the people who cut the nails of their right hand first. My theory is that the people who cut the nails of the left hand first, they’re more light-hearted. They have a tendency to enjoy life more because they go straight for the easiest task and save their difficulties for later. So what do you do?

Joe: Always the left hand first. I don’t think there’s a choice. Go for the pleasure first, always. And then once you’ve done the left hand, only the right hand remains, and that’s the easiest one left.

from Nymphomaniac, Vol. I

On Guardians of the Galaxy, Stupid Cinema Neighbors, and Female Geekery

I love movies. But sometimes I can’t help but hating going to moviehouses. You don’t have any control on which types of people you’ll end up sitting next to. Tonight, for instance, we got the quintessential Oh My, Let’s Gasp Audibly At Every Action Scene Or Everytime Chris Pratt Takes His Shirt Off (granted — he IS hot, but this is an action film based on comic book characters, so you know). But it gets even worse when you pair these with Those Who Do Not Laugh At Even The Most Obvious Jokes. And lastly, you have the Marvel Virgins Who Leave Immediately Not Knowing That There Is Still An Extra Clip At The End Of The Credits.

I weep for my country. Its citizens, for the most part, have gotten reduced to sappy Telenovela-esque formulated creations that recycle “actors” and “scripts”. Yeah, this is a Marvel film, it’s purely fiction and crap but still, man, you gotta respect the film. Shut the fuck up or don’t buy a ticket to a movie if you have no idea what it’s about in the first place.

I actually heard the person next to me say this, and I quote:
[As the Marvel intro / logo appears]
“Ito ba ang papanoorin natin? Ay wow, ano ‘to, X-Men?”
(Is this what we bought tickets for? Oh wow, what’s this, X-Men?)



So many geeks crying from afar.


P.S.: I just love it when “girly girls” take a double look at me to make sure it actually am I who is talking about superheroes and their origins and villains and all that geeky stuff, with my blue hair and skimpy shorts.


P.P.S.: Am I the only one excited about the idea of having a Nova Corps-laden future for Marvel Studios? I mean, oh my god.


it is only within that we can splurge
and fight the covers wrapping us
wrapping the passion, the senses
within two bodies that vow to be one
in the cold and the warmth
in the pain and in our happiness
…as one…
…one with the wind …and the fire …and the water that shall break!
the currents are drifting
and so shall the two who remain..:
deities and commoners alike
gods to each other in draperies–
walking the earth;
bountiful with a multitude of songs and laughter
laughter strong and gleeful as laughter permits it to be
oh, and when the vigor has been drawn to-day
the sincerest kisses and that youthful smile I’ve come to know
–all enough to bid the most promising slumber–
in your arms
where today, yet again..
I shall come home to surrender.




Eyes closed
Waits at the façade’s blinking reflection
Like a dead body
Hangs like draperies
Digits lose sensation
Temples blare with pain
A love lost is not enough
To explain thus–
Seasons have passed her through
Such desolate pitch!
Unsaturated, she has become.
Considers the emotion
But does not affect
Knows of its hurt
But does not feel it
Numbed she is now
Vacuumed she is now
Abandoned she still is,
But empty—not.
Gusts swamped o’er her body
Raging. Furious. Passionate.
Rediscovery takes its time
Or so she thought…
For a mere period of unconsciousness
Served more than enough
Feeling vague, she
Conquered the seas.

And tonight
With a life vest to guard her
She waits to drown.